Our software directly addresses “financial toxicity,” a contributor to poor outcomes and negative patient experience


    Our technology enables providers to automatically check patient eligibility for generous but underused financial assistance


    Our platform increases utilization of assistance programs from pharma manufacturers and non-profit foundations


Advanced financial assistance search technology for healthcare provider organizations

Broad Drug & Disease Coverage

PayRx assistance coverage spans hundreds of individual programs across all specialty disease areas.

Rules-Based Matching

Unlike reference guides and free web tools, PayRx matches each unique patient with a unique set of assistance programs.

Seamless Integration

PayRx works directly inside existing revenue cycle or EHR workflows. Or for instant configuration use PayRx Navigator, our standalone web app.

Provider Challenges We Solve

Cost to Collect

Patient collection is expensive and uncertain. Finding an additional funding source lets you reduce patient responsibility.

Financial Toxicity

High out-of-pocket costs cause distress that negatively impacts health outcomes and patient experience. Financial assistance programs provide immediate relief.

$5,000 Per Patient

Across hundreds of patients at 25+ facilities, PayRx has helped to secure nearly $5,000 in assistance for the average patient.

Reduced Financial Distress

In a pilot study conducted at the Duke Cancer Institute, patients agreed on average that PayRx improved financial knowledge and addressed treatment-related financial concerns.

PayRx Navigator

As a standalone web app, PayRx Navigator offers a complete workflow solution for the oncology financial navigator. Let us configure it for you in minutes with no IT support.

  • Replace cumbersome spreadsheets with a purpose-built financial counseling solution
  • Perform personalized assistance searches as soon as a treatment plan is established
  • Track application status and follow up if initial searches are unsuccessful
  • Keep administrators accurately informed about the effectiveness and value of financial counseling

Patient Dashboard

Keep one list of active patients that you can share with your colleagues, purpose-built for financial counseling.

Simple Reporting

Track patients helped and funding secured from assistance programs, then generate management reports with quarterly totals.

Re-Open Notifications

Get an email the instant a closed foundation disease fund re-opens.

HIPAA Compliance

Keep your patient information safe with Vivor’s HIPAA-compliant infrastructure. To streamline approvals, we’ll sign any standard BAA.

PayRx Connector

As a backend search engine, PayRx Connector integrates with revenue cycle and EHR platforms. Empower your front-office and back-office staff with the information they need to quickly identify patients and enroll them in underused financial assistance.

  • Add drug assistance to pre-service patient access workflows, alongside other financial assistance options
  • Initiate an assistance search whenever costly drugs are prescribed in the EHR
  • Screen all bills for BAI that could be shifted to an assistance program
  • Present assistance options directly to patients in their cost estimates or online bills

Fully Customizable Interface

Add comprehensive drug assistance to your current workflows without new screens.

No Data Re-entry

Match every patient with drug assistance programs using the data that’s already in your revenue cycle or EHR systems.

Actionable Results

View all information needed to conduct final eligibility checks and initiate an application.

Enterprise Grade

Screen all appropriate patients for financial assistance eligibility. Our infrastructure can handle the demands of any provider organization, large or small.

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About Us

At Vivor (pronounced like “survivor”), we are on a mission to eliminate cost as a barrier to care. We are experts in the business and technology of healthcare, driven by a passion for connecting patients with the financial resources they deserve.

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Co-Founder & CEO

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Co-Founder & CTO

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Founding Investor

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Director of Product Design

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